The history, traditions and rich culture of the Sámi people. Nomadic life at one with nature. Showcasing traditional food, textiles, handcraft, music and the strength of Norway’s native people.

Bridging The Past

With The Future

State of the Art technology providing immersive experiences for young and old.

  • Modular
  • Educational
  • Interactive
  • Unforgettable

A physical and digital venue for Sámi culture

  • For tourists and visitors
  • Residents and local business
  • Students and teachers

Gaining insight and perspective via an innovative digital approach to this unique world

The Venue
A siida (Sami village)
A series of interconnected lavvos
Exciting contrast with high tech and tents
Easily scalable
Digital experience
Shop with Sami products
Circular cinemas for 300 degree immersive laser projection
Different films are shown several times an hour at fixed times
Space for 35-40 people in each circle cinema
Corridors between the lavvos with interactive LED screens
Local Value Creation
Collaboration with local business
Sleigh rides
Adventure Tours
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Nils Gaup


Oscar nominated director
and screenwriter

Dag Reynolds


Serial Entrepreneur 
International Business Executive

Erik Gustavson

CREATIVE director

Award winning producer
and director


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